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Beverley Mirolo, OAM

ESA International through its many community projects has and continues to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of Queenslanders. I know from personal experience how valuable that support can be. As a registered nurse involved in the treatment of leukaemia patients at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, I was fortunate to obtain an ESA-sponsored scholarship in 1984 to undertake a nine week study tour of bone marrow transplant units in the UK, and USA.
Such transplants were then an accepted treatment option for patients overseas and in some parts of Australia but were not available in Queensland. My examination of overseas facilities helped inform the design, organisation and staff of the unit at the Royal Brisbane  Hospital, the State’s first purpose built bone marrow transplant unit. The unit was funded by the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland. ESA International provided significant funds through their fund raising efforts to help build the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.
ESA International has provided support to many individuals and community groups over many years, which in turn has paid immeasurable dividends to the wider community. 
Why join ESA International?  It’s a wonderful way to meet others, have fun, make lasting friendships whilst improving the lives of those in need of support at a time when it’s needed most. 
Beverley Mirolo OAM
ESA International

Elected 2022-2023 Officers
Queensland, Australia

President | Fay Dennien | Alpha Rho

Vice President | Jenny Hendriks | Alpha Pi

Corresponding Secretary | Rae Milford | Beta Epsilon

Recording Secretary | Cheryl Fritz | Beta Epsilon

Treasurer | Annette Wisnewski | Alpha Rho

Parliamentarian | Sharyn Finlay | Beta Epsilon

Liaison Officer | Colleen Proudlock | Alpha Pi


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