Gin Gin – Beta Epsilon

Beta Epsilon was chartered on 11 December 1975. One of the first programs Beta Epsilon developed was the Gin Gin State High School Bursary for Year 11 students. It was introduced as an encouragement award, influencing the students to stay in school and complete Year 12. Forty Years later, this award is still being utilized although now the emphasis is on the selection of a well-rounded student who participates in a variety of aspects within school life and projects the school spirit while cooperating well with peers and teachers.

Beta Epsilon sponsors an encouragement award for a Year 6 student and sporting awards are presented at the Gin Gin State School for students who embrace the school motto – A community working together to be the best they can be.

Beta Epsilon hosts and assists with a number of community events and programs, these being Girls Night In and the Annual Cancer night where we raise funds for cancer and local non-profit organisations including junior sporting clubs and local kindergartens. Proceeds are raised through cent sales and raffles. We support the Gin Gin High School Driver Education Program and the Kolan Gardens Retirement Home. Beta Epsilon members are available to attend any non-profit organisation fund raising events to support them in their effort to raise funds for our community.

Our annual Ladies Leadership Luncheon is an opportunity for women in the community to have a relaxed lunch while listening to interesting guest speakers. We invite all women in our community and encourage new community members to attend with the idea that they can become acquainted with each other in a friendly atmosphere.

Beta Epsilon members actively participate in service work as we always enjoy working together toward a common goal for the good of the community. Our Education programs offered most months encourage members to learn new crafts or skills, update CPR skills, invite guest speakers to speak on their subject of interest or visit local places of interest. Friends and family members are welcome to attend the meetings. Members of Beta Epsilon come from diverse backgrounds and our group encompasses varied ages and interests. We enjoy the time we spend together in each other’s company and look forward to planning events where we can make a difference to others and our own lives.

Beta Epsilon maintains a Facebook page – betaepsilon ESA.

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